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Avraham Anouchi is writing a new thriller which will be entitled "Space Mission". Although only 30 of its 50 chapters have been completed, he is starting a publicity campaign with a contest.

The first two chapters were added to this website of WWW.ANOUCHI.ORG. Anyone who will visit the website, read a chapter and enter a comment ora review of 50 or more words, will earn 10 points. Periodically, subsequent chapters will be added with the same rewards. Participants who will have the highest score on the first 20 chapters, will receive a free author inscribed copy of the book after its publication.



Avraham Y. Anouchi is an author, electronics engineer, inventor and entrepreneur. He holds a Master of Science degree in Electronic Engineering from Harvard University and a BSEE degree from Indiana Institute of Technology.

Avraham published a memoir in Hebrew, a memoir in English and articles in English and Hebrew. His recent historical novel entitled "The Hidden Scroll" was published in November, 2009. He is now writing a new thriller which will be entitled "Space Mission".  In January 2012, few chapters of the new book will be added to this site soon.

A.Y.Anouchi has three hobbies: History, Archaeology and Chess.


Avraham Anouchi is the President of AYA Instruments, Inc. , a leading company specializing in designing and supplying power metering equipment, instruments and electrical metering devices for the electric power industry and process control applications. Since 1990 it has have provided an extensive range of instruments, power analyzers and metering transformers to a wide-ranging client base, including major international ("Fortune 500") companies, young emerging growth companies, utilities and electrical contractors.

Visit its website at WWW.AYAINSTRUMENTS.COM.